For The Love Of The Game

For The Love Of The Game, 1999 film starring  Kevin Costner, Kelly Preston and John C. Reilly.  Touching sports drama by Costner.

Billy Chapel (Costner) has been playing pro baseball for 19 years and for the same team, Detroit.  Now, his owner is selling the team and the new buyers want to trade him off for younger talent.  He has always loved the game since his father showed it to him as a young boy.  Now he must decide whether to continue on or retire gracefully at the end of the season.  As he begins a game he starts to analyze his life from childhood to when he met the love of his life.  All while pitching his hardest he has ever done!

This was a great film.  No action, blood or criminal activity.  Just a really good story about a man who came to the crossroads in his life, reflects back to what he has done to get there and the people in his life that have effected him on the way.  Costner does such a good job you can’t help but love the character, tear for him, laugh with him and cheer him on.

Reilly is a great supporting actor in this film as well.  Even though he has done more comedy roles than serious, in this film he plays a great character and friend.  Preston was of course good in this, her part was the love of Chapel’s life who got away through a series of miss-steps.

If you are looking for another feel good sports story from Costner (or anybody) then this film is for you.  As with Field Of Dreams, this film will leave you feeling good.  A great way to spend a couple of hours.  Even if you are not a sports fan, you will enjoy this!


Production Credits;

  • Universal Pictures
  • Beacon Pictures
  • Tig Productions
  • Mirage Enterprises