Michael, 1996 film starring  John Travolta, Andie MacDowell, William Hurt and Robert Pastorelli.  Pretty decent pic about one angel from the heaven’s on his last job.

Two tabloid reporters from Chicago and a so called Angel expert are sent to a small town after they receive a letter from an elderly lady saying that her house guest is an angel from God.  When they arrive they see that the woman’s claims are fantastically true but Michael is not what one would expect of an archangel!  He smokes, drinks, loves the ladies and has a way with words!  Michael agrees to travel back to Chicago with them but it turns out the journey will change everyone’s lives.

As a story it was obviously not believable but it was a very heart warming one.  Travolta played a great part, that of an angel who is on his last job on an earth that he loves so dearly.  It was fun to watch him see the sites in awe and play hard at the bars.

I could see where the story was going, in the romantic part.  I kind of knew that part of the angels mission may have been to get MacDowell and Hurts character together.  We also see legendary screen actress Jean Stapleton who played the older woman who found Michael.

All the different aspects of this story played out very well and we were given a beautiful conclusion.  It was a pleasure to sit and watch this film and well worth a re-watch in the future.


Production Credits :

  • Turner Pictures
  • Alphaville Films