Moonwalkers, 2015 film starring  Rupert Grint, Ron Perlman and Robert Sheehan.  Weird tale of how the US may have prepared for an alternate moon landing.

A PTSD stricken CIA agent is sent to England to get Stanley Kubrick to film a fake moon landing for his government in case Apollo 11 fails to land.  Instead he gets involved with a seedy band manager by mistake and ends up getting all the wrong people involved to help make the film.

Ok, I get the idea that the US may have wanted to prepare for the first moon landing in every way possible, and the conspiracy theorist will chime in but this is crazy!  Sure, they may have had a fake landing film shot just in case though everything coming down was live and could be seen by anyone who wanted to recieve it.  They certainly wouldn’t have used these jokers to make it though!!!   Perlman way over acted to the point that he came off as a B actor in his very first role.  The story was ok until they found the drugged up, sex crazed film crew who knew only how to stay stoned and injest any known drug.

This was so bad of a film I don’t know how I didn’t shut it off before the end.  Grint and Perlman, what the hell were you thinking??   Even a life long stoner would say this was stupid.  Waste of two hours that’s for sure.


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