Rocketman,  2019 film starring Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell and Richard Madden.   Worth waiting for bio-pic that shows us EJ’s stormy and turbulent  beginning.

A musical style story telling of how a young boy called Reggie became the star studded Elton John.  A peek into his family life which would haunt him and guide him through his start up years.  We see a star in need of help and airing his dirty laundry in the hopes that he can find the answer to giving him the life he has always wanted.

In the first few minutes my first thought was, here we go, a full on musical film!  I tend to stay away from these but the story was about Elton John so I said to myself, give it a few more minutes!  Then Egerton (as Elton John) sat down in front of a group therapy session and began telling us his life story to this point.  To me, that’s when it got interesting.

I felt bad for his family life in those early years.  His father was very cold and selfish but he was not the only one to blame, his mother had her own issues as well.  This all led to him heading down the path he took.  We see how Elton met Bernie Taupin (played by Bell) who is a genius with lyrics.  Combine that with Reggie’s uncanny knack for the right tune and a winning combination was born.

The film was produced and written in part by Elton so we know the story is real.  I knew Elton was wild and flamboyant but I didn’t know however how wild he was.  I am shocked he didn’t keel over with all the drugs and alcohol he had taken.  I’m glad Elton was a part of making this film because he showed us parts of his life that I am sure he would have kept private, we saw not only his best but his worst as well.

I have been a huge fan of his music for many years and was amazed to see what some of his songs actually meant to him and not what we thought!  This was a good watch, not perfect but a good watch.  I highly recommend this one as it does show what nonsense some stars went through to get where they are.

This film showed us how he got on and eventually off drugs and booze and the results of it in between.  I am happy that Elton became sober and drug free and remains off them.  I am even happier that he found what he has always wanted in life, which we all do and that is true love.  Maybe some day they will make a sequel and show us how they met.  Never the less, a great film though kind of pricey on Google Play, I should have waited for the dvd.


Production Company Credits;

  • Paramount Pictures
  • New Republic Pictures
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