Scent Of A Woman

Scent Of A Woman, 1992 film starring Al PacinoChris O’DonnellJames Rebhorn and Philip Seymour Hoffman.  A blind man hires a troubled student for a weekend!!  

It’s the story of  blind, retired Lt. Col. Frank Slade (Pacino) who is looking for a weekend of dignity and careless splurging before the end of his life.  He meets a young man named Charlie Simms (O’Donnell) who is taking the weekend to think about betraying classmates for a prank or being expelled for not saying.

Slade hires Charlie to be his seeing guide for the weekend.  Charlie is amazed that Slade, though blind, can tell everything about a person (namely women) he comes across, including the perfume she is wearing.  As the weekend progresses and the two seem to bond Charlie must not only grapple with his own personal dilemma but that of his new friend who appears to be on the path to suicide.

The film was a little slow to start but after about 30 minutes I decided I must see it through.  The story was good and you felt for the Colonel as he sank deeper into his life depression.  To me, not a ‘watch again’ film but a definite watch.  Pacino played a very convincing blind man.

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