Shining Through

Shining Through, 1992 film starring Michael DouglasMelanie Griffith and Liam Neeson.  Great world war two spy film with powerful star line up.

During world war two, an American woman, Linda Voss (Griffith) from both Irish and German Jewish decent goes to Berlin undercover to help spy and get information back to the allies.  She has never done this before and is not trained well enough but she manages to pull it off.  Her boyfriend, Ed Leland (Douglas) is part of the group that sent her there and he wants to get her back safely, he never wanted her there but had little choice.

The love affair between Linda and Ed propells this film higher in my rankings.  An authentic war torn love story with great actors is always great to watch.  The 90’s were filled with quality movies by great stars that remain timeless.  Neeson played Franze-Otto Dietrich, part of the SS who took on Voss as his Nanny for his children.  Douglas, Griffith and Neeson all played stellar parts in this film.  I would recommend this to both men and women.  For the gals, you have a powerful love story and for the guys we have world war two espionage in the heart of Germany.  The story was fantastic and the direction by David Seltzer was bang on.  The visuals (ie the costumes and scenery, stages etc) were right on the money.  If you haven’t heard of this film before then you should see it, it is no waste of time.  Great job!