Suburbicon, 2017 film by George Clooney starring Matt Damon and Julianne Moore.  Set in perfect white America in the 50’s a seemingly normal family ends up in a home invasion with a twist while the town wrestles with it’s first colored family to move in.

The two stories run side by side the whole movie and are only connected by the two boys who tend to play together. (Love kids, they tend not to know anything about racial tensions and just have fun)  While I can’t say much about the home invasion struggle and what went on after that without giving up too much of the movie, I can comment about the black struggle in the town.  Firstly I can’t believe that people acted like that in the 50’s. (I thought everyone was polite, well dressed and friendly)  Sadly though, if this is accurate then we can definitely see why racial tensions rose to the heights they did.

The producers got the time period right, it looked like an authentic 50’s world, the cast choices were great and the main story was definitely intriguing.   Kudos to Damon for creating a realistic look as a man from the 50’s.  Enjoyable movie, give it a go.

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