The Post

The Post, 2017 film starring Meryl StreepTom HanksSarah Paulson and more.  Great government conspiracy film set in the 70’s.

During the Vietnam war an analyst discovers the US government has been deceiving the public about the conflict and takes copies of a large volume of secret memo’s and documents that would later be known as the Pentagon Papers.  Years later he starts leaking the papers to Newspaper companies and the rush to print them is on.  Kay Graham (Streep) grapples with having to oust high placed friends of hers in the government or to print the truth.

With the government trying to block the publications Kay’s editor, Ben Bradlee (Hanks) pushes for the freedom of the press and convinces her to publish.  Their paper joins another in releasing the papers in what became a battle for the freedom of the press in the 70’s.

The movie was good but Streep’s character was too slow in making decisions and parts dragged on a bit but overall the film came off very well.  Not sure if it was a true story but I think it may have been.  It showed the conspiracy lasting many president’s ending with Nixon.  A good watch and yes, I likely will watch it again one day.

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