Space Warriors

Space Warriors, 2013 film starring  Thomas Horn, Josh Lucas, Mira Sorvino with an appearance by Danny Glover.  Enter the age of rescues from the ground!!

The international space station develops serious issues with oxygen feeds and it’s determined the six astronauts must evacuate.  Problem is, the capsule will only take three.  On the ground, a group of very intelligent kids at space camp come up with a way of repairing the oxygen via virtual control from the ground.  Russia sends up a rescue capsule so the remaining three can escape but it will not reach the station before the astronauts asphyxiate through lack of air.  Nasa decides to give the kids idea a go to fix the oxygen to give the astronauts a chance of surviving until the rescue arrives.

This film was ok for the kids but not for me.  Seemed to me some of the kid actors were not that great, maybe even somewhat aggrivating as an adult watching.  The story could have been very good but they went with children doing what no one else thought of and Nasa has the best and brightest there.  With every kid type show comes competition with other kids and there is usually one team of cheaters and haters, this film was no different.  When I first heard of this title I thought of the eighties film ‘Space Camp’ (which I will soon revisit) but compared to that this film was a let down for me.  With CGI comes the idea that anything can be done, even repairing space stations using virtual reality but things like that are not real (well, maybe not yet) and most kids are not that smart about writing code for that.  Kids of the age in the film that is.

For the most part though, I won’t give it failing marks because I think most kids, male and female will enjoy this film.  Would be a nice film for the whole family to sit and watch together… but only once, not worth repeat watches.