The House With A Clock In It’s Wall

The House With A Clock In It’s Wall, 2018 film starring Jack Black, Cate Blanchett and Owen Vaccaro.  Witches and Warlocks bringing about the end of the world!!!

Lewis Barnavelt (Vaccaro) lost both his parents and is sent to live with his uncle Jonathan (Black) in the creepiest house ever!  Turns out his uncle is a warlock and has an obsession every night of trying to locate the elusive clock that keeps ticking that was left there by the former warlock owner.  The elusive clock it seems was placed there by an evil wizard and will keep ticking its countdown to doomsday.  Now Lewis and Jonathan, with the help of Florence Zimmerman (Blanchett) must find the clock before it finishes its countdown and the world comes to an end.

Mixed feelings with this film.  I mean it was produced nicely with very good CGI effects and such but I think maybe it was made for more of a younger audience.  Jack Black is a good actor and was pretty creepy as the warlock.    I had a hard time getting into it though.  I think younger people will like it though I found the story tough to follow at the beginning.  When the true story was unveiled it was easy to figure out what they had to do but I found it a kind of dark film.  That’s just me I know so you should see it yourself.

Sorry though, it does not make my ‘Watch Again’ shelf.  Waiting to see what the next Jack Black film may give us!