Love Actually

Love Actually, 2003 film starring Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy, Colin Firth and so many more.  Christmas film or not, you decide.

Set about a month before Christmas this film follows the lives of eight completely different couples and their lives.  An aging rock star trying to rejuvenate his career.  A man who has just lost his wife and must deals with his young son.  A man who is in love with his best friends new wife.  The new Prime Minister of England and his growing affection for a staff member.  A woman who’s marriage is hanging in the balance with her husbands wandering eye.  A man who finds new love after catching his wife sleeping with his brother.  A young English lad with lust in his eyes that goes to America to find sex.  A young couple who meet at their job, making porn films!  

Cute film and yes, all the charters are loosely interrelated with each other.  This was fun to watch.  Even though it is one of my wife’s favorites this was the first time I have seen it and wow, is it ever packed with some big names.  Each of the eight stories were good in their own right and could be expanded in to it’s own film but I loved the way they combined everything.  In reality it is a nice, feel good film that was and still is a popular movie.

The acting by all was tremendous and the story, well stories were very well written.  So yes, I will likely sit down and see it again as my wife does like to watch it around the holiday time.