The Lake House

The Lake House, 2006 film starring Keanu ReevesSandra Bullock and Christopher Plummer.  Nice one for the ladies and those closet romantic gents.  A love story throughout time.

Alex Wyler (Reeves) moves into the lake house his father built years ago.  He finds a letter in his mailbox from a ‘former tenant’, Kate Forster (Bullock).  Soon a mystery begins to happen, the letter and subsequent letters to each other seem to be coming from two different time periods.  They begin exchanging letters which become love letters as a relationship begins to form, even though they realize they are from different times.  They try to meet in the future but can’t seem to pull it off, something is happening that prevents it and they both must come to the right conclusion before it’s to late.

Although we are never really given an answer as to how this time shift is happening, after you get into it you just don’t care how.  You want to see it go all the way.  Perhaps divine intervention allows the two to meet, who knows.  The story is good and they could not have picked a better duo to pull it off.  Reeves and Bullock were both magnificent in this film.  No crazy cgi needed here to make this film good.  I do not watch too many of these ‘chick flicks’ but this one I kind of got into when the story started to take off.  Soon I was rooting for them.  No, I didn’t shed a tear but I did sit up when I deduced a major part near the end.  The outcome was good and I was very happy with it.  The world could use more stories like this, it was heartwarming and entertaining.  Great combo!