The Perfect Man

The Perfect Man, 2005 film starring Hilary DuffHeather LocklearAria Wallace and Chris Noth.  This is a chick flick mixed with the family feel.

It’s the story of Jean Hamilton (Locklear), a lonely mother of two who tends to move around a lot.  Seeing that her mother is always feeling lonely the eldest daughter, Holly (Duff) begins sending Jean anonymous, romantic emails to help her feel better.  Soon the email relationship seems to take off and Holly need to produce an actual man.

With the help of one of her friends they use her uncle as a face behind the emails but the girls don’t think ahead and soon things become uncontrollable.  Seeing how the girls make their way out of the mess is funny and heartwarming as all she wanted was to make her mother feel good again.  Chick flick – yes, family fun – yes.  Even though I’m male I found this film entertaining.  Both Duff and Locklear to me were in the height of their acting careers which have since deteriorated.  A good film and I am sure that many gals who see it put themselves in Locklear’s shoes and dream the dream.

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