You’ve Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail, 1998 film starring Tom HanksMeg Ryan and Greg Kinnear.  Cozy little ‘Chick Flic’ of early romance through the internet!

A large bookstore owner, Joe (Hanks) opens near a small, hometown bookstore, putting the owner, Kathleen (Ryan) out of business.  During that they unwitting fall for each other while communication through the internet, not knowing who the other is.

You get the idea, early internet dating I guess!  It was good though.  I like Tom Hanks films so I always start watching them with an open mind.  The film does border on the term ‘Chick Flic’  (a film designed to fill women with love, hope and romance).  Hanks was very good, funny and also serious when needed.  Meg Ryan, well I have always like her as well.  She is always good in these type of films.  The story was actually pretty good.  Big business crushes small business, opposing owners fall in love…  You have to admit, Ryan and Hanks fit well together on screen and have before with Sleepless in Seattle.(Which I will get to one day as well).  So I will go four on this because the pair of actors were both great in in and worked a good story so well together.  (Don’t tell my wife I don’t mind these films or I will end up seeing more!!!)

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