Cocoon, 1985 film starring  Don Ameche, Wilford Brimley, Hume Cronyn, Steve Guttenberg and Brian Dennehy.  A fountain of youth from the stars.

In a small Florida town three men from a neighboring retirement community sneak away every day to a pool at an uninhabited home next door.  One day the home gets rented out but they continue to trespass when the renters are not home.  Unbeknownst to them the renters are a group of aliens that have come back to rescue their people that have been left behind on a previous trip.  The aliens retrieve the cocoon’s of their friends from the ocean floor and place them in the pool until it’s time to go.  The three retirees continue to sneak in and swim and soon discover that the pool now contains rejuvenating properties which heals their aches and even puts ailments into remission.

Excellent film to come out of the eighties.  It won two Oscars including best effects.  Now I know when you see it you will say the effects are not good and that your I-phone could do better but remember, it was the early eighties!  The effects combined with some great talent and a decent story made this a hit that still holds up today.

The story is one that everyone thinks about, especially when we get older.  A way to never grow older!  As Brimley stated in the film, ‘ nature has been hard on us so I have no qualms with cheating it’.  I felt bad for the character  Bernie (Jack Gilford) when his wife Rosie (Herta Ware) passed and he carried her to the pool but the pool had lost it’s powers and couldn’t help her.

This was a fun, family friendly movie that I absolutely enjoyed and have seen a few times before.  Apart from the great names in the top cast were just as memorable actors like Jessica Tandy and Maureen Stapleton that all share in making this a timeless film.  This is such a lovely film that I am sure everyone will enjoy or have enjoyed before.