D.A.R.Y.L., 1985 film starring Barret Oliver, Colleen Camp and Michael McKean.  Cute early look at androids in our society.

A young boy, Daryl (Barret) is found wandering a forest after being dropped there by a man being chased by a helicopter.  A nice family takes him in and fosters him while they try to find out where he belongs.  It is soon evident that this boy is special.  He has special abilities not common with normal kids.  The people he belongs to find him and take him back.

I remember when this first came out, I was a young boy right in their target audience range.  Then I found it amazing but now I find it entertaining.  Targeted to young boys with an imagination the producers nailed it.  Though the computers and special effects are way out dated you still enjoy what it has to offer.

You got into the story right away and you knew (with hints) that the boy was not what he seemed.  The acting, by 80s standards was good.  Camp and McKean were in many films and quite popular then.  I think even young Barret played his part very nicely even though he was fairly new to it.  They all conveyed the values of the time.

Though there was not a huge amount of action except maybe near the end, the film came off as a nicely done youth film.  It added to our young imaginations and made us think of what the future could be like.  There were several technical flubs that I certainly didn’t notice as a kid but do now but that did not stop the enjoyment watching this classic.