Dark Star

Dark Star, 1974 film starring  Dan O’Bannon, Dre Pahich and Brian Narelle.  Ugh!!! I will never get the time back I wasted!!

Astronauts on a twenty plus year mission to destroy unstable planets in system where humans plan to colonize must contend with many things.  Isolation and loneliness, a dead commander who can still offer advise?, Aliens, computer glitches and a bomb that thinks it is the lord!

I don’t remember watching this when it first came out and if I had I would have likely thought the same (even though I was ten!)  GARBAGE!!  Oh my God !  The cast looked like a pile of stoned hippies from the sixties, not what were supposed to be trained astronauts.  The even acted like it … horribly!

This was a hard one to watch for the effects were trash (the alien was a beach ball with feet glued to it!), the acting even worse and the story was stupid!  (Oh, if they had of thought about it and took a few things out it may have been just been a bad movie!)  I would be ashamed to have my name attached anywhere within the credits for this film.  To think, this was actually a John Carpenter film!!!

I took a quick look on Imdb and this film actually garners a 6.5 !!!  How the F#@k??  Then I read some of their folks reviews which were in the 5 to 10 out of 10 range!!  It suddenly dawned on me that yes, Pot is now legal in most places … a reasonable explanation.  For me, this film was a total waste of time (which I will never get back after seeing this) and not worth it.  If you are smart, take a pass or if you do decide to see it then make sure you are good and stoned first.