Elysium, 2013 film starring Matt DamonJodie Foster and Sharlto Copley.  A decent sci-fi that has the wealthy living on a space station called ‘Elysium’ and the poor living miserable, diseased lives on earth.  Foster plays Delacourt, a ruthless government secretary on Elysium who wants to rule it and decide who lives there or not.

Damon plays Max, an ordinary man who has always dreamed of going up to Elysium but knows he will never be able to afford it.  Suddenly he takes a full dose of radiation at his job and is forced to find his own way up there as Elysium has medical services that can cure everything.  His only way up there is to help the underground with their plans to get up to the station.

The story was good, Foster does not play an evil person very well though.  As in every hero vs villain movie the villain dies and I was actually happy we wouldn’t have to deal with her again at that point.  Copley plays a villain as well and I don’t think very well either.  The only reason this film was any good was Damon’s roll and the story.  Great visuals though.

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