Flight Of The Navigator

Flight Of The Navigator, 1986 film starring  Joey Cramer, Veronica Cartwright, Cliff De Young and Sarah Jessica Parker.  See!, never walk alone at night when you are a kid!!

David Freeman (Cramer) takes a walk one night in 1978 through the forest looking for his kid brother.  He slips and falls, when he wakes up he brushes himself off and heads back home.  Only things are different.  Sure, his home is still there but his family doesn’t live there??  The cops find a missing person report on him but are baffled, sure, it’s the kid they are looking for but the kid disappeared in 78, it is now 1986!! and the kid is exactly the same.  Nasa takes over and soon discovers that the boy had been taken by aliens four light years away.

I thought this was a wonderful movie.  The eighties spawned some really good films and this is among them.  It is totally re-watchable and can be enjoyed by young or old alike.  The story was a good one for the time period it was made and the special effects were well done for the eighties.  Parker was young though this was not her first appearance as an actress, you knew she would go on to bigger and better things.  Cramer was good though he was new to acting at the time and since hasn’t done too much else though I believe he is in the midst of making a documentary about his life after Navigator, something to look for.

This was a great film that still holds up today, a very enjoyable watch which I will revisit again.