Godzilla : King Of The Monsters

Godzilla : King Of The Monsters, 2019 film starring  Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga and Millie Bobby Brown.  Not so special continuation of the 2014 film.

Monarch, a zoological agency slash world security against monsters agency is faced with the awakening of the world monsters by one of their own.  Dr. Emma Russell (Farmiga) along with global terrorists wake all the deadly beasts with the misguided notion of bringing balance back to the world.  Instead, a reign of terror is unleashed and the remaining members of Monarch must use Godzilla to help fight them and avoid human extinction!

I have always enjoyed the Godzilla movies since I was a kid but now they are getting just a little too far fetched.  Yes, I know, your thinking that a single giant monster isn’t far fetched??  Now they are bringing in not only monsters from the past Japanese originals but ones I have never heard of!

I will admit, the star of this movie is not the monsters or the actors but the CGI used to create them.  If it wasn’t for that I believe this film would have tanked.  I give great kudos to the CGI creations but man, you have to have a decent idea behind it.  The CGI is the only reason this film gets three stars from me.

The acting was marginal except for Chandler, he is an underrated actor that performs very nicely in everything I have seen him in.  The story to me came off as just a “hurry up and throw in the effects and we will make a fortune”  type story.  I wasn’t really impressed.  The 2014 film was good and even the 1998 version with Matthew Broderick was better than this.

Try again Hollywood!


Production Credits;

  • Warner Bros.
  • Legendary Entertainment
  • Toho Company
  • Wanda Qingdao Studios