John Carter

John Carter, 2012 film starring  Taylor KitschLynn Collins and Willem Dafoe.  Arguably one of the best sci-fi films to be made in the last few years.  It is snuck behind the scenes, not many people I have talked with even knew about the film.

In the late 1800’s John Carter finds a cave of gold in Arizona and is transported to Barsoom (Mars) where he becomes property of the 12 foot tall Tharks.  Soon he becomes one of them and he meets the princess Dejah Thoris who is in the midst of war between her people and Sab Than.  Although he just wants to get home to earth  Carter ends up helping her and her people fight off the enemy which turns out to be a race of immortal beings using mars for fun.

If you haven’t seen this film, get it.  I found it a very refreshing story as opposed to all the alien invasion movies that flood the theaters.  Giving it a 4 only because the beginning was a little slow though it needed to be to fill in the back story.  Loved it!!

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