Maximum Overdrive

Maximum Overdrive, 1986 film starring Emilio EstevezPat Hingle and Laura Harrington.  Rock & Roll mixed with Stephen King  and the end of the world, what could be better?

After a comet passes by the earth all electronics and machines all over the world come alive and want to kill every human!  A group of survivors find themselves trapped in a middle American truck stop and surrounded by crazed trucks.

This film got low reviews by the critics but I’m not sure why.  I have seen this film several times now and enjoy it every time.  Reminds me of back when I was a young fellow, well except for the homicidal machines and trucks.  Now the acting was not all that great but the story was fresh, in the eighties!  I’m sure it was hard for the film makers to try and show so many trucks in motion with no drivers.  The visuals were good, when someone gets shot the bullet penetrations seemed a little highschoolish but you looked beyond that and simply enjoyed it.  The soundtrack to this was killer though, who didn’t like AC DC in the eighties?  I will always watch this when it comes on tv, I will sit there and rock on, laugh and enjoy, so should you.  Great film.

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