Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim, 2013 film starring  Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi.  Supersized aliens met by supersized robots!

Out in the depths of the Pacific a rift opens up and alien monsters start coming out, usually one at a time.  The people of Earth build giant, manned robots called Jaegers, piloted by two mind melded pilots.  The monsters, called Kaiju can be stopped but when one is killed more show up.  Over time the Jaegers become obsolete as bigger and better ones are built but the Kaiju just keep coming.  Earth is getting desperate and employ two unlikely pilots to use one of the obsolete Jaegers to help seal the rift with nuclear explosives.

To be honest the sequel to this Pacific Rim Uprising was actually better than this one I thought.  Why do writers have to put in monsters, big ones at that as the attackers?  Same goes for the robots, huge!!  I almost thought I was watching some new version of the transformers at first.  The film does have some merits.  The story was good and the CGI was fantastic.  To me the acting was a little sub par except maybe for Hunnam.  It just didn’t pull me in like some other good action/sci-fi’s do.  I mean, I sort of enjoyed it but will not likely see it again.