Passengers, 2016 film starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.  Great sci fi film set in the future when we colonized other worlds.  To get there you had to hibernate for about 140 years then when you are woke up you would be at your new home.

This is the story of what could happen if your hibernation chamber were to fail part way through that journey.  Very well made and written.  I wont give away what happens but needless to say it was very entertaining and hey, that’s what movies are all about.

Cast choice was fabulous, Pratt does a more than excellent job and Jennifer Lawrence was very believable, lets face it, she is also very easy to look at!  The visuals were fantastic, would love to know how they blended the cgi in because I could not tell.  Worth watching more than once, actually I have now seen it three times.

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