Rogue One : A Star Wars Story

Rogue One : A Star Wars Story, 2016 film starring Felicity JonesDiego LunaAlan Tudyk and more.  Brilliant prequel to the original Star Wars, A New Hope.

This should be just a reminder as I am sure we have all seen this multiple times.  Taking place just before the original began, young Jyn Erso (Jones) searches for her scientist father who turns out to be one of the creators of the death star.(Though forced into the work).  With the help of Cassian Andor (Luna) she tracks down her father and the plans that will destroy the death star.

What a movie.  As a Star Wars nut from the seventies myself I loved how this story came together and I loved the way they integrated it to look old school.  The visuals were stunning, from the star ships to Governor Tarkin.  I mean, he looked exactly like he did when the original came out.  I can’t wait to see the new Solo story.  These back stories paint a great picture in the development of the original characters and how they came together.  I just hope that now Disney owns it they stay true to the original ideas.

Binge watching these now is becoming a weekend event though but you can’t just watch one, you have to watch all of them in chronological order.  Just get some snacks and pop/beer and start on Saturday morning and have a blast.  Great stuff, keep them coming.

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