Stargate Origins : Catherine

Stargate Origins : Catherine, 2018 film starring  Ellie Gall, Connor Trinneer and Aylam Orian.   I like the idea of knowing the origins but this film came off weak and amateurish.

It’s the story of Professor Paul Langford (Trinneer) and his daughter Catherine (Gall).  In 1939, they are still trying to figure out what an artifact is that they found in the Egyptian desert tens years ago.  With war a certainty they are surprised by the arrival of Nazi  Dr. Wilhelm Brücke (Orian) who takes them prisoner.  After getting the artifact to work, Catherine (with the help of two soldiers) go through the newly opened device to try and save her father but dangerous adventures await, just on the other side.

I love the Stargate franchise so when I first saw this come out I had to see it.  To my dismay, it was horrible.  The story was good, they did need to tell us how it all got started but not through this third rate production.  The production company, Vanishing Angel, has several movies out but none that look any good and most don’t even garner a five of ten on most sites.

CGI was ok but the acting was not good.  I’m sorry but ugh…  This should have been made by stargate-sg1 productions or some other seasoned stargate production company.

I can’t give this one high marks but I do give them a two because I did like the story.

See the official trailer;