Stargate, 1994 film starring  Kurt Russell, James Spader and Jaye Davidson.  The film that started it all!

An interstellar teleportation device is found in Egypt and sent to a top secret facility in the United States.  An outcast linguist Dr. Daniel Jackson (Spader) is invited by a mysterious woman to decipher an ancient hieroglyph.  He does and realizes that the object was built by an advanced civilization and that matter can be transported through the device to other devices off world.  Jackson joins an expedition led by Colonel Jonathan ‘Jack’ O’Neil (Russell) for the first trip through the gate.  Once through they find a world exactly like ancient Egypt where the people are largely uncivilized and afraid of their God Ra, the God of the Sun.  Soon after everything unravels as Ra returns.

For the early 90’s this film was fresh, exciting and mysterious.  All fans of science fiction loved it.  The scenery, costumes and special effects were, at the time, brilliant and couldn’t be beat.  The story was marvelous and eerily close to what the ancient astronaut theorists had been talking about for years.  Perhaps the writers played on that but it came off as a blockbuster.  The film is still widely regarded today as has a huge cult following.  It spawned off a tv series which in itself spawned of two more series.

The acting was good, not super spectacular but the two leads did a good job.  I think what keeps this film on everyone’s watch again list is the story and it’s huge popularity (which still increases to this day).  It’s a great film to sit and watch, I always enjoy it no matter how many times I have seen it.  You can’t much of a better legacy than the one this film created, fantastic job.