The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner, 2014 film starring Dylan O’BrienKaya Scodelario and Will Poulter.  Interesting post apocalyptic science fiction tale.

Thomas (O’Brien) is dumped into a field full of other young men who have no memory of who they are except their name.  He soon realizes that the only way to figure things out are to go into the maze and try and escape.  Joined by several others they endure crazy monsters and crazy people!  That definition just skimmed the top, obviously more happens but it is a new enough film that I won’t give to much away.

This film is the first of three in the series.  I found the story here very innovative and fresh, though we have seen many films that come close, adding the maze made it stand out on it’s own.  The visuals were very good, I guess cgi is like nothing for these people these days?  The acting was pretty good even though it was filled with a relatively unknown cast.  I enjoyed the film very much, it was fresh and so were the faces.  There is always some kind of monster element in these types of films, this being no different with the ‘Grievers’ and the zombie like creatures near the end.

Overall, very entertaining, it might just be a ‘Watch Again’ film, will have to see.  For now, will have to watch the other two so stand by for those ones.