The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment, 1984 film starring Michael Paré, Nancy Allen and Eric Christmas.  Great time travel, military experiment film from the early eighties.

In 1943, a U.S. Navy Destroyer is part of a stealth experiment to make the ship invisible to enemy radar.  Jim (Bobby Di Cicco) and David (Paré) are among the many sailors aboard.  As the test commences the ship not only becomes invisible to radar it actually disappears.  Many of the crew are killed or phased into the metal of the ship.  Jim and David, unsure of what was happening jump overboard.  Instead of hitting the water they end up in a vortex that hurtles them forty years into the future.  With the help of Allison (Allen) they try to find a way back to their own time.

Time travel movies are always great and back in the eighties they were very inventive.  I saw this in theaters originally when it came out and was entertained thoroughly.  Even now, watching it again, I was entertained.  It was a very good story and this film still holds up today.  Sure, the acting and even the technology is dated but looking past that you get a lot of enjoyment watching it.

Some say the experiment was a real story but I have yet to see evidence of that.  I believe the military was experimenting with stealth technology back then but a ship did not just disappear!  That’s where the innovative writers took over.  I was sad when Jim disappeared but the lead up to it was expected.  It was also dramatic when David met the older Jim.

The chases were great and the action at the ending was dramatic.  Loved it when David fixed the ship then jumped back into the future, he had fallen in love with Allison.  Great science fiction and a great ending.  A good classic film watch for all.