When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide, 1951 film starring  Richard Derr, Barbara Rush and Peter Hansen.  Classic end of the world piece (and one of the first).

Dave Randall (Derr) is a pilot who is hired to take documents to the American scientist Dr Hendron (Larry Keating), documents that prove a newly discovered star (Bellus) is actually on the move and heading towards the Earth.   There is no way of stopping it but the scientists insist that they can build a ship that will take a select few to the lonely planet that circles Bellus, saving a piece of the human race.

I remember seeing this as a kid and thinking that the effects were out of this world.  Now though, they are amateurish but still good.  The scenes on the new planet are cartoon backdrops obviously but they worked for the time.  Don’t forget, it was made in 1951, there were no standards for this type of film.

The acting was good but realistically people should have been freaking out much more than they were in the film.  The story of course was good, fresh for this decade and an inspiration for others to come.  I enjoy watching classic films because they remind me of a more pleasant time of film making.  One where the actors and the story sold it!

They could have gone into more detail at the end, when they reached the new world.  The scenes (though cartoon) showed what to me looked like structures, non natural formations.  Begs the question, did they land on someone else’s world?

Great movie and great fun to see again.


Company Credit : Paramount Pictures