The Forgotten

The Forgotten, 2004 film starring Julianne Moore, Anthony Edwards, Gary Sinise and Dominic West.  Disappointment or great!!  Hmm, I forget.

Telly Paretta (Moore) still mourns the loss of her son, even after fourteen months.  Then one day things start changing.  Her son disappears from pictures, video of him seems to have been erased and the worst part, he husband does not remember or think they ever had a child.  Her psychiatrist explains that she is just creating a world where she did have a son (the real one died at birth) and she is manufacturing the memories.  She teams up with Ash (West) who had a daughter on the plane who also died but he could not remember her.  Suddenly the NSA seems to be after them then they start seeing a man who just stands there and watches them all the time.  They soon learn that they may be a part of an alien experiment but they persevere on to try and get their kids back.

I am not sure if this film was about Aliens and their control over us or about a women slipping deeper and deeper into a mental state.  The first half I felt like it was about the mysterious controlling us or an alien experiment.  It seemed logical to think that the way it was progressing but then it started going off in an unlikely tangent.  Now, I am going by the theatrical release here, which had the stupidest ending of all time.  I do here there is an extended version which is eight minutes longer and has an alternative ending.  Any other ending would be better than the one I saw.

After thinking about the last ten minutes or so in the film I kind of think it was about the reality she perceived and not real life.  She was so distraught about the loss of her son she kept slipping deeper and deeper into a psychotic state that at the end the doctor let her just go, she did not want to come back from it.  There were no aliens but the made up one’s that explained her loss.  So at the end she was not chasing her son but falling into a dementia that she could not return from.  Well, that’s my theory anyway!

The acting was good, Moore is always solid and this was no exception.  Sinise was a bit dry, matter of factually or mechanical but I think that is the way Telly saw it.  As a matter of fact I think all the characters were behaved as Moore’s character saw it.  So in that sense it was good.  The cinematography was good, came off as a dark thriller which I think it was.

I think the point to the film was not an alien experiment but a look at how deeply one can slide into psychosis.  Or, maybe it was just that, an alien experiment that didn’t work!  You decide.



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