Dunkirk, 2017 film starring  Fionn WhiteheadBarry KeoghanMark Rylance and many more.  Another powerful, fact based world war 2 film.

During a fierce battle (The Battle Of France) allied soldiers, numbering in the hundreds of thousands,  ended up on the beaches near Dunkirk awaiting evacuation.  Soon evacuation was cut off by the German soldiers and the allied soldiers had nowhere to go.  They waited on the beach praying for help as the Germans kept bombarding them.

In England, citizens got word of their plight and took it into their own hands.  Boats by the thousands, piloted by civilians, large and small made their way across the mighty British Channel to save as many men as they could.  The story is told through the eyes of a few soldiers on the ground, a couple of spitfire pilots and the civilians in their boats.

It is a gripping true story of the bravery the civilians had, the hardships the soldiers endured and the plight of the British army during this portion of the war in Europe.  My father told me of such stories, he was a young teen in England in those trying days.  Seeing this film brought what I had heard to light and have such appreciation for the soldiers and civilians.  Could I have jumped in and done that?  I’d like to think I could but who know’s.  Great film with excellent visuals, a true testament to the battle.

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