Midway, 2019 film starring  Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Luke Evans and more!  Powerful remake of the classic with Charlton Heston and Henry Fonda! (Review Here)

Told by the leaders, sailors and airmen who fought in it we get the story of Midway.  An epic battle between the United States and the Japanese Navy during world war two in which the Americans turned the tide of dominance in the Pacific.  The film is based on real facts and events given by survivors of the battle.

First off, this was a fantastic movie and got very little recognition from any of the award shows.  There have been quotes like ‘a cliched story’ and ‘weak plot’ by many over the internet about this film.  What the hell is wrong with you?  This is a true story, a piece of history with real people and places!  It’s terrible when in this day and age a historic, epic part of history is considered boring with no plot line!  The plot was real and simple, WWII=Japan & America=battles. (Battles that you can not invent or skew the truth in to make them more film worthy!)

The effects in this film were outstanding.  They managed to recreate the battle in such good detail that I am sure gave flashbacks to any survivors.  Even better than the 2001 film Pearl Harbor and that one was epic as well.  It must have been painstaking to come up with all the world war two aircraft, ships and even locations through the effects teams.  One wish of mine would be to see how they actually create all this stuff on a computer!!

The acting was good and so was the wardrobe, recreating the forties these days must be getting harder and harder.  The plot of course was not fake, not skewed or made up.  It actually happened and the film makers recreated it perfectly.  Most of us have seen the 1976 version and yes, it was good.  full of great actors and they even through in some sub-stories that likely were made up just to get us to love the film.

I respect what the producers and director did with this film and that was to keep it authentic and as real as possible.  History is not boring folks, especially for the people that were there.  Sometimes you just have to see it as it was.

This movie was filmed with everything you (or maybe it’s just me!) could want in a great war film.  Excellent graphics, a good and true story and actors that bring a piece of history to life!!!

If you have not seen this film yet I would totally recommend it.  This film easily makes my ‘watch again’ shelf and I will be sure to see it again soon.  Don’t listen to the critics, see this for yourself and judge, I think I’m right about this one.  I give it a hardy five of five stars!

Production Credits for this film;

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