Mister Roberts

Mister Roberts, 1955 film starring Henry FondaJames CagneyWilliam Powell and Jack Lemmon.  Nice classic movie about a Lt. Roberts (Fonda), a man working on a cargo ship during the end of the war.  Stationed in an area of the Pacific, their ship never see any action, they just resupply other vessels.

Mr Roberts wants a transfer, he wants to be involved in the war, make a difference.  Hit estranged captain (Cagney) hates him and won’t let him transfer, makes life miserable for Mr Roberts.  With the help of his fellow officers he makes the most out of his miserable position.

Good movie from back in the day and yes, it was in color.  Not Fonda’s best work but still a good watch.  Cagney played a really good nut job and Lemmon played a wacky side kick.  Entertaining, if you are a classic buff, this is a good watch.

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