Cowboys & Aliens

Cowboys & Aliens, 2011 film starring Daniel CraigHarrison Ford and Olivia Wilde.  Who would have thought that mixing the two in a serious movie would have been entertaining?

1873 New Mexico Territory, an alien spaceship is nestled in the rocks mining our gold, preparing for the desolation of earth.  A lone gunman awakens in the desert with a device strapped to his wrist.  In the town of Absolution one night the aliens attack and snatch as many of their citizens as they can.  Woodrow Dolarhyde (Ford) and the lone gunman, Jake Lonergan (Craig) team up with a posse of guys to go and get their people back.

As I mentioned before, who would have thought that the two elements would actually make a decent film.  The story line here was actually very good, I’m not sure if the film industry had though of putting these two together.  I mean, you had the wild wild west but that’s another story…  The scenery and visuals in this film are very good but what’s better is the acting.  They had to act like it was the 1800’s and react when they see aliens, something that was never even thought of.  Compare it to a Roman soldier seeing a 747 fly by!

I give this film an excellent 4 stars because I would watch more than once, actually I have now so it make the shelf!  If you havn’t seen it you are missing out, very entertaining.

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